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  • ARG has collectively over 25 years of experience in the collection & customer service industry. We have established a sensitivity to the potentially negative consequences of overzealous collection methods. Our staff members conduct all contact with the debtor in a firm but fair manner. We are careful to maintain the client’s image and protect the confidentiality of both client and debtor.
  • Acceleron Recovery Group, Inc. assures you a superior recovery rate and guarantee our collection efforts will never result in embarrassment for your Organization.
  • All employees are trained in federal, state and local regulations regarding debt collection including the Federal Debt Collection Practice Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In accordance with ACA ( American Collectors Association) standards, practices and guidelines.
  • Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest standard of quality and services by utilizing cutting edge techniques to collect outstanding receivables in an expeditious and amicable manner.
  • Our company’s objective is to become your collection partner by providing you with a stress free way of collecting your outstanding receivables. This will allow your firm to focus on your business. Our company’s philosophy is to treat your business as if it were our own.We understand that your clients are your livelihood.

No Recovery No Fees. 

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  • One of our core competencies is managing your (in collections) accounts-receivable, from the start of collections through receipt of the final payment. We handle all collection’s-related bookkeeping, so it never confuses nor interferes with our client’s books. We are a member of, and follow the ethical standards set by The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA)


  •  Acceleron Recovery Group offers specialized letter campaigns to those businesses that are looking for a low cost option at the lowest pricing available. We have our own in-house print and production shop and are able to turn around even the most complex jobs in rather short time frames. 


  • To truly be in partnership with our clients, Acceleron Recovery Group recognizes its obligation to provide our clients with an unsurpassed degree of responsiveness and all the information they need to effectively monitor our performance. Therefore we are committed to providing you with regular consultations from an Account Executive who will review your account, and answer any questions you might have, and a dedicated internal Customer Service Representative who is familiar with each client and easily accessible by email or phone. Als well as, meaningful and easy to read performance reports.


  •  Each employee acknowledges in writing his or her agreement to abide by ARG’s detailed Code of Ethics,which requires compliance with all applicable regulations, respect for the rights of the debtor and consideration of the special needs of each client. ARG offers their clients the knowledge and skill gained from 25 years’ experience in the collection & customer service industry. We view the relationship with the client as a partnership. Our collection procedures are designed to eliminate your administrative burden.We assure you a superior recovery rate and guarantour collection efforts will never result in embarrassment for your organization.


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